Saturday, May 27, 2006

Re-opening, 5/24

the entrance

the crowd

Yejin talking to BCAT in front of her damaged work

Zoe talking to The Brooklyn Rail

Marni's reconfigured piece

Carrie's reconfigured piece

Megan's reconfigured piece

Statement from the Artists

Welcome to
Plan B PREVAILS, the second iteration of the Brooklyn College MFA thesis exhibition previously called Plan B. This show has arisen from a complex set of circumstances which began to unfold on May 4, when a City Parks official judged some work to be “inappropriate,” changed the locks of the building, and without informing us, shut down our thesis show the day after its opening. Since then, the arbitrary decisions and mishandling of our work and our rights by the City and the Brooklyn College administration have embroiled us in a struggle against censorship.

We are pleased that our work can now enjoy a run comparable to what was promised. Nevertheless, the college administration instantly chose to align itself with the City that violated our First Amendment rights, and in so doing not only violated its contract with tuition-paying students, but also compromised its commitment to mentoring and growing emerging artists. The administration took possession of our work without permission or notification, denied us access to it in a timely manner, and handled our work so carelessly that much of it was damaged, destroyed, and lost. College officials’ choices have effectively made it clear that they have no regard for our work or integrity as artists, nor do they take their role as educators seriously. So let us be clear that this exhibition in no way redeems the college administration’s actions toward us.

The show you now enter is altogether changed by the events of the past three weeks. This gorgeous 6,000 square foot space was almost completely raw when we gained access little over a week ago. You will see many works reconfigured in response to irreparable damage by the college, as well as new pieces in place of those destroyed. Above all, this show is a document of our own hard work. As artists and students who have been treated punitively and denied our rights, we stand up and show our work again because art exists to be seen and shared.

Thank you for joining Plan B Prevails in solidarity.

Carla Aspenberg
Jill Auckenthaler
John Avelluto
Zoë Cohen
David Davron
Susan C. Dessel
Carl James Ferrero
Carrie Fucile
Pamela Gordon
Yejin Jun
Diane Kosup
Marni Kotak
Augusto Marin
Akiko Mori
Chris Moss
Sarah Nicole Phillips
Megan Piontkowski
Tamas Veszi

Special thanks to those who gave generously of their resources and talents to make this show possible:

David Walentas & Two Trees Management
Steve Keltner
Professor Michael Mallory
Professor Karen Giusti
Professor Jennifer McCoy
Professor Mona Hadler
Professor Arnold Brooks
Professor Jennifer Ball
Noreen Collins
Constantine Frolov
Colson Romulus
Luis Ortiz
Josh Willis
Joel Molina
Brandon Schreck
Scott Yates
Yuri Spektor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if it doesn't raise any questions or controversy, it's probably not art. for what it's worth, looks like getting your art trashed might have been the best possible event for your careers. this sounds terrible, but it was just a few pieces, and odds are, you're getting some very positive and public support now. it was just stuff, when it comes down to it, and everybody thinks the winged victory looks better without her head anyway. vote Daisy for mayor!

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eventually you will learn what true censorship is. a situation where some "authority" figure in your life made you feel uncomfortable by disrespecting/not respecting your efforts is not censorship, it is a natural and welcome endeavor in life. it forces you to avoid stagnation,to learn and truly to grow. this wonderul country you thrive in guarantees you the freedom to express yourself. it does not guarantee you a public venue in which to do so. because you are still very young and have very little life experience, small obstacles can seem like immense setbacks. your group claims the school and gov't officials are rigid and unwilling to bend to your "needs". eventually you will learn the difference between needs and wants. you need to express yourself in artisic media. you want people to accept it and enjoy the experience of viewing the expression of your love and commitment to your work. it is supposed to transcend chunks of clay, rock, and wood (etc.) the solid materials which you have shaped and molded, to become a 3 dimensional image of your ideas and a window to parts of your soul. pornographic paintings and piles of penises only serve to fan the flames of controversy. attempting to blur the line between smut and art limits you and your potential audience. it is the easy way for an artist to generate disproportionate attention to mediocrity without having to risk the possibility of vicariously wounding your soul if your investment doesn't strike the heart of your viewer. loudly decrying the fate of you display does likewise. if you truly want to become artists you must learn to grow and become flexible in your ability to express yourselves in ways that will sieze the spirit and imagination of your audience. exposing your genitalia to someone will almost certainly capture their attention.... artists should be interested in capturing their imagination. please do not infer condescension in my words. I applaud your attempts bringing artistic beauty to the world. my words may not express my feelings properly as I still struggle with my english. I was born in former Czechoslovakia in 1926. I came to United States in 1990. Nazis, communists, and Commissars- they know censorship.

11:14 AM  
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